Advanced Italian, lesson one

"If we move, we should move to a different country."
"Like, where?"
"Like, somewhere were they speak another language, so I can learn a new language!"
"How fascinating. Have you got something in mind?"
"How about Japan!"
"How about it?"
"Well, I already know a bit of japanese..."
"Do you?"
"Yes, my friend Takeshi taught me some!"
"So, what can you say?"
"I can say konichiwa. That means hello"
"Great! What else?"
"That's it."
"Well, I guess it's a start."
"And, I taugh some Italian to Takeshi!"
"What did you taught him? Ciao?"
"No, he knew that already. And he knows pizza."
"I see. So what was left?"
"I taught him: Piove piove acqua di limone, si accende la candela, si dice buonasera."
You never know what might come useful

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