Advanced Italian, lesson one

"If we move, we should move to a different country."
"Like, where?"
"Like, somewhere were they speak another language, so I can learn a new language!"
"How fascinating. Have you got something in mind?"
"How about Japan!"
"How about it?"
"Well, I already know a bit of japanese..."
"Do you?"
"Yes, my friend Takeshi taught me some!"
"So, what can you say?"
"I can say konichiwa. That means hello"
"Great! What else?"
"That's it."
"Well, I guess it's a start."
"And, I taugh some Italian to Takeshi!"
"What did you taught him? Ciao?"
"No, he knew that already. And he knows pizza."
"I see. So what was left?"
"I taught him: Piove piove acqua di limone, si accende la candela, si dice buonasera."
You never know what might come useful


Mind your words

A tavola per cena, a pochi giorni dalla partenza di H per Parigi.
Il capofamiglia discute i dettagli del vaiggio nella totale indifferenza dei pargoli, dediti piuttosto alla conta delle farfalle nel piatto, per controllare che l'altro non ne abbia di piu'.

"... Ah, prima che parta, dobbiamo andare a Santa Fe a comprare un trolley."
Forchette si bloccano a mezz' asta.
"We are going to get a TROLLEY?"

Trolley: 1.a cart or wheeled stand used for conveying something

Trolley: 2. a streetcar