Between the lions

"Ok guys, I think I just saw a penguin on the beach. Let's just take ONE good picture with the ocean and we're back to the spa. Ready?"

"Yes, yes!"

"Good: one, two, three!"


"What was that?"

"We were pretending to be mighty lions!"

"Could you please pretend to be plain sensible children instead? Let's try again: one, two, three!"


"I was being a jellyfish!"

"Do you even know what a jellyfish IS?"

"We're cold!"

"And I' m freezing! Just fake a nice smile and we're done, ok? Now!"

"Oh, my."

"What? What?"

"Nothing. The mighty lions impression will do. Back to the hotel, now."

There are days when even a digital camera won't do. How did parents ever managed with the old ones, I know not.

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