Just as long

So we have got a new PM. So we didn't really have time to care. Or mental energy, or concentration. There is too much going on, on a much more personal - well, familiar - level, that it doesn't leave much space for anything else.
Big decisions bring stress, stress brings pressure and misjudgements, and so we happen to make mistakes. Little ones if we are lucky, big ones if we are not. Mind you, sometimes it looks like you have done wrong, and then it turns out you haven't: life it's beutiful that way, so they say. But at the moment it does indeed look like an error, H, and I am not good at pretending that it's ok, that it doesn't matter. It actually does.

I am a bit sad and a bit worried. And yet, that doesn't justify me rubbing it to your face or trying to make you feel bad. I know you are good. I am sorry, really sorry, for having been such a mess.
I had forgotten where my place is. But I'll keep standing by you, no matter what, I promise. I triple promise.

So this one is for you, H; and in case anyone else is reading this, it does make a good undertone if you are looking at old photos, or facing a huge pile of shirts waiting for ironing. Enjoy!

(watch out for min 2:10 - love you so much)

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